Smarter Built Assets

Combining Expertise in Real Estate, data science and Financial Strategy to Increase the value of built assets.

By working with us, clients can make better property predictions, reduce investment risk, implement effective capital investment programs and create built assets that deliver value for stakeholders over time. Using artificial intelligence along with human intuition to inform property decisions.



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About us

We are a boutique advisory practice focused solely on analytics for built assets. What makes us different is our multidisciplinary skills and sector focus. Unlike most real estate consultancies, we are experts in data analytics, machine learning and Ai. However, unlike most analytics firms, we are also construction and real estate investment professionals. This dual technical capability enables us to apply analytics effectively to built asset challenges, using artificial intelligence combined with human intuition to enhance efficiency and obtain actionable insights that create value.

As a practice, we always offer a director lead service. Ensuring our clients benefit from highly skilled expertise on each assignment. Working with clients throughout the UK, the US and Europe but only on assignments within our area of expertise.
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Think Assets is a highly specialised boutique, as such we regularly work with other professionals to support them with real estate assignments. We assist accountants with tax analytics for built asset expenditures, help M&A advisors understand the risks/value within built asset portfolios, aid surveyors with appraisals and work with architects to enable data-informed design. In addition, we support general practice data science firms with real estate and construction projects. 
If you would like to enhance your service offering please see our professional support services for further details on what we can offer.