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Financial Analytics

Think Assets empowers business owners and investors, to extract maximum value from capital investment through data-informed decision-making. We are experts in finance, technology, real estate and data analytics. Our combination of technical expertise, combined with our exclusive focus on capital investment, enables us to bridge the skills gap needed to successfully implement robust capital projects. 

Data analytics, when coupled with domain knowledge, can increase value from business investment by enabling stakeholders to research, plan, execute, and use created assets more effectively. However, combining technological tools, such as AI and Machine Learning with human intuition is essential. Data-driven insights in isolation carry serious risks, particularly when data quality and context are not well understood or algorithm accuracy is mistaken for rationality. 

At Think Assets, we provide the blend of expertise needed to enact effective business investment in the digital age.


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About us

Think Assets tackles capital investment challenges head-on, by implementing data-informed decision-making and intelligently integrating technology and built assets with corporate strategy. 

We have expertise in finance, real estate, technology and data analytics. Our combination of skills is what enables us to quickly grasp issues within capital projects, be they real estate or technology in nature and add value. 

Additionally, as we provide no technology or real estate services or products ourselves, our advice on capital investment decisions is reassuringly independent.

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Think Assets is a boutique practice, as such we regularly work with other professionals to support them with real estate assignments. We assist accountants with financial analytics for capital expenditures, help investment advisors use AI to better understand risks and opportunities and aid finance teams to use data and machine learning to build robust valuation models. 

If you would like to enhance your service offering please see our professional support services for further details on what we can offer.